Places and Landscapes

For me, getting somewhere far away and being out of the ordinary environment, definitely helps and expands perceptions in any kind of photography. I'm not one of those who would look at the places and landcapes with a tripod and a backpack full of equipment. I always try to work with what I have and capture the atmosphere of the place in a slightly different way.

From Iceland

From Austria

From Croatia
Visiting Iceland was most definitely one of the experiences I'm grateful for in my life. A huge thanks to Isadore Apparel and Emil Þór Guðmundsson (Local Icelandic–Thor–Viking and great cyclist) who helped us to explore some cool places on Iceland's Western Coastline.
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Sebastian Ziegler / Iceland
Cinematographer, photographer, a guy from Germany who decided to stay on the island.

Fjords  are an amazing natural phenomenon, and while in Iceland, we had the opportunity to discover the Whale Fjord, or Hvalfjörður. Iceland to me is the ultimate adventure with priceless views and an overwhelming feeling of freedom.

Off-season, nothing better than seeing these places at a time when no one goes there. It was the beginning of November at the Makarska Coast when we went over there with the Isadore crew. 

There's always reason to go to the Mountains. I never say no to any mountin trip. To me personally high mountaineering or just a small local hill, can be better than an overcrowded beach anywhere in the world.