Brno. 2016–2017

How much do you know about track cycling? Probably as much as you know. I have never been into track cycling and therefore my interest in it has never grown. In June 2016 I was invited by my friends to spent a afternoon on Velodrome in Brno where the Czech Championship was held. I said to myself “Cool! Let's take a camera and make a few shots of it. And? it was awesome! (Use  ← →  to slide between photos)

The advantage. Track cycling happens in a small area of the Velodrome. 360 degrees field of velodrome hides everything to grab a good shot. This world is full of close up photos of riders suffering on the track, that's why choose a slightly different point of view for this sport. I took my dslr with 70–200 lens and Leica for documenting life off the track.

I always focus on riders. In this case, I choose Andrej, whom I didn't know about, until I saw him on the bike. He wasn't the fastest rider but he looked great on it.   

Sport photography, track cycling is definitelly great for training the eye and working with composition and the speed of the racers. Attempting to capture the atmosphere of the races. Racers preparing before the race. And generally trying to capture this old open velodrome in the old part of Brno.